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Last Rites Kit

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This kit consists of various pooja items required for performing the pooja on the day of cremation/burial. This kit also consists of Arthi(Bier) which is made of bamboo and is used for carrying the deceased body.

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One may have come across many types of kits - such as the tool kit; first aid kit and so on. In Indian tradition, from time immemorial, we have been using the same ingredients for funeral purposes - Gangaajal, kumkum, haldi, honey and the arthi. Death is considered as one of the most important functions that we can ever perform for the departed soul.

Yet for the last three thousand years no one has thought of providing a complete funeral services kit. In this kit you will find all essential ingredients that are required to perform the dignified last rites as per the cultural benchmarks and to give a dignified send off to the body of the departed soul. Generally, it takes about one hour to make a good culturally acceptable arthi.  The arthi which we are providing in the kit, is the first of its kind in the world and can be assembled within minutes. Further the arthi is tested scientifically to carry the load of 150 kilos. This is of our business associates patented invention. The funeral services kit also aims at decreasing family the hassle of last minute running around in search of all the ingredients required according to the religious customs and traditions. We understand very well that performing last rites should not become a burden on family.

We understand that you are under tremendous grief as you have lost a loved one and we also know we cannot bring the departed loved one back. All we can do he is to join you in your grief by providing all the needed Pooja items at reasonable price. Thus you can see well that we kept the cost to the minimum. If it is within the city we ensure to have it delivered at your doorstep in less than 3 hours. The funeral kit consists of 40 items including two pots used in last rites rituals. We cannot even say that you must use this product. Because this is not a soap or a hair oil.  All we can say is that we are with you at the time of great loss and grief and we are blessed to share your burden.

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