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The team who performs the band services during the day of cremation or burial. It is a belief in some communities that death is a celebration. Normally the team size of the band is 2 to 6 members.

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Often people wonder why the band services are required for the procession of taking the dead body to funeral home or samshan ghat. In majority cultures and especially in Indian culture / society funeral is considered as celebration. It is believed that the life of a person at one stage is concluded and the life at other stage is about to begin. That is what is meant by the transition of body from one world to the other. This transition must be celebrated. Hence the Funeral Band or the Last Rites Band.

The band services that are provided consist of a single person band, two-person band, and a band having six people. Generally, the band people walk in front of the procession or head the procession playing the band. The music, in so far as the Indian society is concerned, consists of beating of drums in a specific manner that is only played at the funerals. The Band people play the music not too loud that it disturbs the neighbors or not too low that it disrespects the deceased. Having regard and respect to the deceased and to lead a funeral procession is giving honor to ourselves. Please do not confuse a Funeral band with other bands. The music played by the bands is mournful & sad and the music that is played respects the departed.

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